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A New School Year, Another Prayer


As parents, our best way to advocate for our children is through prayer. We want the absolute best for them and we want God to move mountains - because we are praying big for all the things. With each new school year, each mark higher on the growth chart, each size up in clothes and shoes, and each major milestone there are more and more prayers to add to our list.

In Exodus 2, when Jochebed gave birth to Moses, “she saw that he was a fine child…” (Ex. 2:2 NIV). Other translations use the words goodly, beautiful, special and fair. I know for myself, and I can imagine each of you as well, you thought those same things as you held your precious baby for the first time. However, in a flash our kids leave the comfort and safety of our arms as we gently place them in tar-lined baskets to send them down the Nile River: school. Our fears lead our thoughts straight to the perilous rushing waters and vicious creatures that inhabit it, but our faith leads us to God. What are your biggest prayers throughout the school year? I asked, and here are some responses that I received:

To love and be loved

Lord Jesus, may our children love big. Let them love those around them as You love. And in return, let them receive kindness and love from others.

To be bold in faith

God, may our children proclaim their faith in You with boldness throughout their day.

To be a reflection of Jesus christ

Jesus, may our children be a reflection of You. May Your light shine as a beacon through them to draw people nearer to You.

To be lifetime learners

Father, may our children grow this year and glean from their teachers. May they always desire to grow and learn. May they grow passionate about what they learning to gain wisdom and knowledge to serve and do big things in Your name.

To have courage and confidence

Abba, give them courage and confidence throughout their day to do brave things audaciously.

To be God-ordained world-changers

God, may they use their gifts to glorify You to change the world in ways that You call and equip them to do so.

To have protection

Father, please protect and guide our children. Lead them on the right path and keep them from turning away. Cover them with Your wings and may they seek shelter from the evil of this world and turn to You. Father, please keep them safe.

To be respectful and inclusive

Jesus, may our children be respectful of all individuals at their school: administrators, teachers, staff, cafeteria workers, custodians, volunteers and students. May they include all those who feel excluded and embrace those who need a friend. May they embrace others in their class with open arms and stand up for those who need a voice. And may others respect, embrace and include our children as well.


“The Lord bless you and keep you; the Lord make his face shine on you and be gracious to you; the Lord turn his face toward you and give you peace.” Numbers 6:24-26