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Bible Study

Her Children Arise


Her Children Arise


· 5 week Bible study with 5 lessons each

· Wrap-Up days with discussion questions

· Bible memory verses

· 5 Family Faith Activities

. Supplemental video lessons available online*

"From heaven to the womb and into mary's arms, god humbly placed himself under the care of a mother."

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Explore the Bible through the lens of a mother. Her Children Arise is a Bible study designed specifically for moms of all ages and stages. From Hagar to Mary and several moms in between, we have generations of women of faith who survived motherhood before us. This 5-week study will give you the opportunity to learn from the stories of different moms in the Bible and see how, through faith, God equipped them to fulfill His purposes.

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Join the online community following Her Children Arise - a Bible Study for Moms. This group will feature videos and online discussion as a supplement to the Bible study curriculum for women who are unable to attend the live teachings in Lafayette, LA. Join the group before September 9, 2018 so you can be part of the online discussion, stream live videos, and encourage and be encouraged by a community of moms who are in God's word.

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What moms are saying about Her Children Arise:

This study was just what I needed. It was easy to follow. Not too much homework for a busy mama. Engaging and really thought provoking. I not only saw myself in each of these Bible mamas, but I saw who God calls me to strive to be! I can’t wait to lead this study with my group at church!
— Daisy, mom of 3
I’ve never felt so loved by a book.
— Stephanie, mom of 1
It has been such a blessing to read about mothers in the Bible. I didn’t realize how much my heart needed that connection.
— Kendra, mom of 2
Her Children Arise is a great tool for wives, moms, teachers, and mother-figures. It gave me a new perspective about mothers of the Bible and reiterated the importance of passing on a legacy of faith to future generations.
— Brandy, mom of 4
I didn’t ever want this Bible study to come to an end...I’ll be rereading these lessons and my answers throughout my journey of motherhood.
— Allison, mom of 1
I’m Catholic and never dove deep into scripture beyond what’s read at Mass on Sundays. This was invigorating and inspiring for me. My favorite line has become a part of my daily prayer ‘Empower me to serve joyfully and love effortlessly.’
— Jenny, mom of 3
This study was incredible. God hand-picked each of us to raise His children. I learned through this study just how much God loves me and blessed me. Motherhood is anything but easy... we can grow closer to God and teach our children to be obedient and follow him as well.
— Valerie, mom of 1
This was my very first bible study. It by far exceeded ALL my expectations. It was one of the most life-changing and beautiful things I’ve experienced. It has grown me in my faith and challenged me to be a better Christian, a better wife, and a better mom. I still refer back to the book study which is amazing. ALL moms should experience this study whether in a group or at home on their own. Love Casey!!! She has the most beautiful heart.
— Mindy, mom of 3
I have never been so confident in who I am as a mother until now! This Bible study was very emotional and has inspired me to be stronger in my faith and raising my children to know God more! I think it is very important for us as mothers to come together in Christ Jesus giving Him praise and lifting each other up in a world filled with chaos. Thank you for taking me on this journey with Jesus Christ!
— Jeannie, mom of 3

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